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Preston Village has a Facebook page!

Preston Village has a Facebook page! You just need to search for Preston Village (Cary, NC) and request to join the group. It is a closed group, and the page will be used to post information about social events, inform residents about neighborhood news, post photos, and offer a place to pose any questions or suggestions. It is really easy to join. It will be yet another way to stay connected with Preston Village.

Five Dog Stations Available Throughout Preston Village

With the weather getting nicer, more people will be out walking with or without their 4-legged friends. If you are a dog owner, please remember to pick up after your pet on your walks. In order to help you with this task, we have installed five (5) "Doggie Stations" (see picture below) throughout our neighborhood.

Please take advantage of them if you do walk your dog in the neighborhood. The dog stations are located at:

  • Corner of Preston Village Way and Circle on the Green (on the Davis Drive side, Twenty-Five (25') from the corner)
  • At parking lot of shelter on Preston Village Way
  • Between lake by pool on Preston Village Way
  • At corner of Circle on the Green & Upchurch Meadow
  • Morrisville Parkway- between Ecklin Way & Preston Village Way

Learn More about Preston Village Swim Team

We are very proud of our swim team and want to thank everyone who helps make it a success. Many of you have questions about how our swim team affects the swimming pool and its availability. Here are a few of the most common questions.


  • Can my family swim at the pool during swim team practice?
    Yes, you can! We want to welcome all families to the pool. The swim team needs about 4 lanes for practice, but the rest of the pool is available for swimming.
  • Will the pool be closed for swim meets? If so, when are the swim meets?
    There are three (3) swim meets that will be held at our pool. We will need to close our pool at 4:30 pm on these dates to non-swim team members in order to host the swim meet. However, you are welcome to come and root on your neighbors at the meet.
  • How many swimmers are on the swim team?
    There are over 150 signed up. This is an increase from last year which is great.
  • How can I learn more about the swim team?
    Visit our website at


Tiger Sharks Swim Team.