From the Preston Village HOA Board

Background on Goose Population Control

We would like to provide background on our decision to humanely implement a goose population control program for our lake area. It is the belief of the board, that any decisions made should be in an effort to maintain the common areas of our community and to protect those communal assets when deemed necessary. Public safety is also a consideration when we review any potential issues for our community. We do engage experts when necessary to make sure that we are making pragmatic and judicious decisions as we carry out the duties of our elected, volunteer positions.

The circumstances which led to our decision to humanely control the goose population came about initially as the result of complaints regarding concerns about the sanitary conditions regarding the increased levels of fecal matter in the common areas. These concerns and complaints from some of our mutual neighbors are not completely without merit.  In addition, a report from the pond servicing company noted the increase in goose population as being one of the causes of an algae bloom that occurred on the lake last year. Algae blooms can lead to even more problems for the wildlife that exist in the lake as well as plant life due to decreases in oxygen within the water. As we completed our due diligence into the matter, we were informed that there are other potential issues and complications that can arise form an ever increasing goose population. Our stance on this matter is that the board must take action if there is even a slight possibility of degradation and decline of our communal assets.

After a review of the options available to us to manage this potentially negative situation we chose what we regard as a humane way to reduce the amount of geese that have been increasing over the years. It should be noted that there is no harm being carried out on the geese and the protocols being used were developed in part by the United States Humane Society and PETA. Many of you have showed wonderful support for our decision and we thank you.  Some of you do have some concerns and we want you to know that you are heard and that we must take the direction and advice of expert resources whenever possible as we make decisions on behalf of our community.

Please find below wonderful educational resources that will hopefully provide insight into the humane protocols being used in this endeavor and know that there is no harm being carried out on the geese. While we know that it is almost impossible to have a unanimously popular decision we ask that you trust in our thoughtfulness and diligence in carrying our the best protocols we know how for our community.


Your Preston Village HOA Board of Directors

Goose Busters 3 Website

 PETA article: Humane Goose Control Solutions

The Humane Society of the United States: What to do about Canada Geese Article:

The Humane Society of the United States Wild Neighbors Program Article

Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management: Canada Geese Damage Management

North Carolina Centers for Disease Control Article

North Carolina Goose Control Article

National Wildlife Research Center Article:

Geese Pease Model Program for Goose Population Control

Rutgers Cooperative Research & Extension Article

Revised Architectural Review Committee Guidelines

When driving into Preston Village, it is hard not to notice the beauty of the neighborhood. Maintaining and improving our community is an ongoing process which adds value both personally and financially. To protect that value we have Covenants and Restrictions. By virtue of the fact that you purchased your home in Preston Village you became bound to those Restrictive Covenants, as the deed to your lot runs with the Associations legal documents. All owners must abide by the rules and restrictions set out by the Preston Village Association. Along with the Declaration, the Association has Architectural Guidelines pertaining to changes in your home or lot that require approval prior to any work beginning. The current guidelines are over ten years old, so the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and the Board have been working together to revise and update these to meet with currents needs and standards.

View the updated guidelines...

Common items that are overlooked but require approval are larger tree removals (trunk greater than 6” diameter at 4’ height), exterior house painting, and changes to landscape beds and fence installation or replacement. There have been times that the committee was able to assist an owner to keep them from installing a fence on the wrong lot line, planting a small shrub in an area that it would not be able to stay at full growth due to line of sight restrictions and other helpful items. Although the Declaration outlines that the committee has 30 days to reply to an application received by the architectural committee in entirety, the average time is generally much less. The Association has moved to a web based program that permits much faster reviews and correspondence between your committee members and PPM to help facilitate reviews and approvals.

Please don’t avoid the process, but allow us to help you as there are fines for non-compliance! If you have questions, just let us know by contacting us and specifying the ARC committee...

Preston Village Architectural Committee

Please Pick Up After Your Pooch

We have been contacted by Toni Y. Dezomits, the District 2 Commander with the Cary Police Department. He says:

"We have been getting some calls in Preston Village about residents allowing their dogs to poop in other people’s yards and not cleaning it up. As you know there is a law that requires owners to clean up after their dogs but I think rather than seeking to fine anyone it may be more effective to post a reminder..."

So, please remember that it is against the law not to pick up after your pets. The Association requests that homeowners use one of the five pet waste stations located at:

  • Corner of Preston Village Way and Circle on the Green (on the Davis Drive side, Twenty-Five (25') from the corner)
  • At parking lot of shelter on Preston Village Way
  • Between lake by pool on Preston Village Way
  • At corner of Circle on the Green & Upchurch Meadow
  • Morrisville Parkway- between Ecklin Way & Preston Village Way

If these are not convenient to you it is required that you pick up your pets' waste and not leave in lawns or common areas in Preston Village.

Pool Key Fobs

You can contact PPM if you need a key fob for the pool. All pool related documents can be viewed on our documents section of this website. You may either pick up your packet at the PPM office located at 6739 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh, NC 27615 or the packet will be placed in the mail to you. It is imperative that you fill out the Emergency Contact Card in the packet and return it to the lifeguards upon your first visit to the pool. Please keep in mind that if you elect to have your packet mailed to you, delivery time is subject to standard, First Class USPS delivery.

Thank you & enjoy the pool!!

Sign Up for the Website and Get E-Blasts

We encourage all Preston Village residents to register on this website at Why is this important?

  • If your dog or cat gets out we cannot call you tell you your pet has been found.
  • If a neighbor notices water draining from an overflow pipe and contact us how can we contact you?
  • If someone finds your child's school bag but no phone number, how do we let you know?

Thank you,
Your Board

Volunteers Needed

The Board of Directors is seeking volunteers for the following Committees:

  1. Pool Committee - responsible for evaluating the pool rules & policies before the beginning of each pool season
  2. Social Committee - responsible for brainstorming to create social events for the neighborhood and organizing, planning and hosting several social events throughout the year
  3. Community Watch - responsible for organizing a community watch committee comprised of concerned neighbors to patrol the neighborhood to add that extra level of security for Preston Village

Neighbors helping neighbors only lends itself to a more neighbor-oriented and driven community. If you'd like to volunteer for any of these committees, please contact us. Please consider donating some of your valuable time to help Preston Village maintain its reputation as being one of the most premier and sought-after communities in the Triangle!

Thank you for your consideration!

Your Preston Village Board of Directors

Trashcan/ Recycling Bin Reminder

Please do not leave your trashcans or recycling bins in view from the street and/ or neighboring properties for days at a time or on a continual basis.

As a reminder, the Preston Village Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions as well as the Architectural Standards for your community require that trashcans and/ or recycling receptacles not be visible from the front of the home. Please make certain they are stored out of sight on non-pickup days. You have the option of constructing a trashcan enclosure on your property, but you MUST submit an application for review and approval prior to its construction. Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines in the Documents section of the website to view the guidelines for enclosures.

Please be advised that if this situation persists, inspections will start being conducted and violation letters will be sent to offenders. Thank you for your cooperation with this request.

Overnight On-street Parking Reminder

While we understand that there are instances during the day where your guests may need to park on the street while visiting, you and/ or your guests should not be consistently parking on the street or overnight.

As a reminder, Article VIII, Section 13 of the Declaration of Covenants for Preston Village states that, “No automobiles, trucks, vans, travel trailers, other trailers or any other apparatus designed for movement over and upon streets or highways shall be regularly parked on the streets within or adjoining the Property.” In the interest of protecting the safety of your neighbors, especially the neighborhood children, we must ask that you and/or your guest(s) refrain from parking on the street on a regular basis and/ or overnight.

Thank you for your understanding of, attention to and prompt cooperation with this matter.

Golf Cart Reminder - Must have Driver's License or Learners Permit with Driver

Golf cart operation is very prevalent in and around the Preston Village community and it serves as a very convenient means of transportation. However, the operation of golf carts by children and young teens in and around the community is increasing at an alarming rate. We have sent e-blasts before reminding everyone that NO ONE under the age of 16 without a valid learner’s permit or license to legally operate a vehicle on roads within North Carolina is permitted to drive golf carts on public roadways. Given the increased traffic through Preston Village with new roads opening all around us, this situation presents a very real danger that every parent should be aware of and safeguarding against.

There was an eye-witness account of 3 very young children that had crossed over Morrisville Parkway in a golf cart. This should serve as a reminder that if you own a golf cart and your young or teenage children have access to it, please take any steps necessary to ensure that you and they are abiding by the law (below for reference).

We all want to make sure the children of Preston Village are safe. We encourage anyone who sees any children or young teens operating golf carts on public roadways to call the Town of Cary police immediately and report their location. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

The Preston Village Board of Directors

NC Sec. 34-278. Operation on public streets and roads. No person may operate a golf cart unless that person is licensed to drive upon the streets and highways of North Carolina and then, only in accordance with such driver's license. An operator of golf cart must be at least 16 years of age, with the exception that operators under the age of 16 years may operate golf carts if they possess a valid learner's permit issued by the state of North Carolina and are accompanied by a licensed driver as required by state law.

Golf Cart Rules of Operation

As the weather warms, the Association would like to remind residents of the Town of Cary rules to operate golf carts on streets. Violations pose a significant safety risk to both the driver and passengers and are enforceable by the Town of Cary Police Dept. It is unlawful to operate a golf cart on a public road unless the following requirements are met:

  • You must be at least 16 years old and a licensed driver to operate a golf cart.
  • Cart may only carry passengers for the number of seats in cart. Specifically passengers may not be carried in the cart bag area.
  • Golf carts cannot go faster than 20 mph and may only be operated on approved streets.
  • Must be operated to extreme right on the road.
  • May not be operated in the dark unless headlights are present on the golf cart, then up to 10pm.
  • Make sure your cart’s VIN number is posted.
  • As always, never operate a golf cart while impaired or intoxicated.

Please contact the Town of Cary for additional details. For any violations of these ordinances, the Town of Cary Police can be reached at (919) 469-4012 or on their website at:Town of Cary's Police Department Website

Lake Ridge has a New Management Company

Lake Ridge Townhomes at Preston Village has a new management company called "Omega Association Management". You can view their website at

Shelters Available to Rent

Did you know that residents could rent our shelter by the lake, the gazebo on the circle, and even the cabana at the pool for just $50 plus a $100 security deposit? If you are interested in learning more about this, just view our document library and the shelter rentals section on our website by clicking here...