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Architectural ReviewHow do I obtain an architectural application?You may view/print the Preston Village Architectural Application through this website in the Documents section, or contact PPM to obtain one. If you live in the LakeRidge Townhomes, you may find the application on their property management's website at LakeRidge's HOA.
Architectural ReviewHow long does it take to get architectural approval?Once a complete application is received, the process takes approximately thirty days. If you live in LakeRidge Townhomes please see the LakeRidge website or contact HRW for further information.
Architectural ReviewWhat are the rules about satellite dishes?These require architectural approval, unless they are less than one meter in diameter. If you live in LakeRidge an architectural approval is required regardless of size.
Architectural ReviewWhat things require architectural approval?Any change to the exterior of your house or lot (i.e., additions, landscaping, basketball goals, etc.) requires approval by the Architectural Review Board. Forms for submission can be found in the Document section of our website. Items requiring architectural approval for LakeRidge Townhomes are different. Please refer to the LakeRidge property manager's website.
GeneralCan golf carts be driven in Preston Village?Yes, but only by NC licensed drivers who are at least 16 years old.
GeneralHow do I report a street light that is burned out or not working properly to be repaired?Easy! Just click this link and input the nearest address and the pole number off of the light. Duke Energy will make the repairs within 3 to 5 business days. Problems, contact PPM for help using our contact form.
GeneralIs parking allowed on the streets in Preston Village?Regular parking on the streets is not allowed in Preston Village.
GeneralThe entrance lights are out. Who do I call?If the lights at the entrance monument burn out, please let PPM know using the contact us webpage. We won't know unless you tell us, because we're not in the community at night. Thank you!
GeneralWhy doesn't the HOA stop people from speeding/ running stop signs/ committing traffic violations?Well, we do what we can, but the police enforce traffic violations. It's beyond the HOA's realm of control. We send reminders to all homeowners in newsletters and post them on the website. We encourage people to call the police to report speeders. The same goes when we receive reports of people running the stop signs in the neighborhood or violating other traffic rules. Beyond that, we can only ask everyone to take personal responsibility over their speed in the neighborhood. Note that the more residents who notify The Town of Cary Police of these types of concerns, the more time the Town schedules officers to be in the neighborhood, on the lookout. So don't be shy about calling to report your concern and ask for increased police presence.
GeneralWhy doesn't the HOA take care of animal-related complaints?Pet issues are best dealt with through Town of Cary Animal Control who has enforcement over these issues. Call (919) 319-4517. The HOA doesn't have the training or equipment to deal with pets. If you see a loose dog or someone breaking other animal control ordinances (not picking up after his dog, tethering the dog, allowing excessive barking, etc.) please call Animal Control. They can issue fines and even remove the animal depending on the infraction. For those who own animals, please respect your neighbors and keep them under your control at all times.
Pool RelatedI saw people in the pool after closing. Who do I call?Report this to the Town of Cary Police immediately at (919) 469-4012 or call 911. This is unsafe. Wake County has not permitted our pool to be used at night. Closing times must be strictly adhered to (down to the minute) to avoid possibly having our pool closed by the county for non-compliance. Town Police have been advised that anyone in the pool after dark is trespassing, resident or not. Don't risk your safety or your criminal record by attempting to break into the pool at night.
Pool RelatedI want to go into the pool before the lifeguards arrive during school days to swim laps. May I?Yes! If you're a resident over the age of 18, please fill out the unguarded access waiver. Keep a copy, because utilizing the pool during non-guarded hours entails following additional rules for safety and liability purposes. You'll want to remind yourself of these rules throughout the season, as breaking them will result in your unguarded hours privileges being revoked.
Pool RelatedIf I do not have keys to the pool and restrooms at the shelter, where do I get them?Call our property manager, PPM, Inc., at 919-848-4911, ext. 131 and someone will send them to you. There may be a charge for additional key fobs.
Pool RelatedIs the swimming pool in the neighborhood open to all residents and is there a cost to use the pool?The pool is the property of the Preston Village association and providing you are in good standing with the homeowners associations, you are allowed to use the pool. Your Preston Village homeowner's dues include the cost of use for residents however there is a charge for guests. Please download the rules, policies and hours of operation from the document section of this web site and PPM, Inc., 919-848-4911, ext. 131 to purchase guest passes.
ResidentCan I park my boat in the driveway at my house?No. Boats, campers, trailers, etc. must be parked in your garage or in an area with screens or covers as specifically approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
ResidentHow can we view Preston Village's HOA's financial documents?If you are a homeowner then you are a member of the Preston Village Association. Please contact PPM at 919-848-4900 to request a copy.
ResidentHow do I rent the shelter or gazebo and is there a cost?Yes, there is a cost. Please see rental agreement under Documents section on this website. Check the website calendar for availability, then call PPM, Inc., 919-848-4911, ext. 131 for more information.
ResidentHow do I update my Preston Village website information or password?Click on the Sign In/Sign Up menu item on the top menu of the webpage. Once logged in, you will see a second menu bar displayed. The first item on this menu is "My Info". Click on this to update all of your information including your email address which is used as your login id.
ResidentHow do we communicate within our neighborhood?We have three methods to communicate: 1) Eblasts to all residents who are registered on our website at 2) Facebook Page 3) Preston Village NextDoor Neighborhood website. All three of these locations can be accessed from our website on the top right-hand side of our webpage.
ResidentHow do we reach the Preston Village Board of Directors?You can contact them at Board@ or by using our Contact Us webpage.
ResidentIf I am selling/buying my home in Preston Village, are there any transfer fees or other information that I need at my closing?Yes, there is a transfer fee and form required for closing. You can get the necessary forms here....
ResidentWhat do I do if my mailbox needs repairs or was hit and needs to be replaced since Preston Village has a uniform mailbox requirement?View this document to get the latest information on repairing or replacing your mailbox.

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